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Commodore OS Downloads


OS Type: Linux

Based on: Debian, Mint, AmigaOS

Origin: UK/USA

Architecture: x86_32

Desktop: GNOME

Category: Desktop, Live Medium

Status: Version closed not been Updated

Commodore OS is a 32-bit Linux distribution, based on Linux Debian/Mint and the feel of AmigaOS

created for older PCs that can't install the 64-bit version.

There was not a 32bit version of it so I made one,taking all the software 

from the 64bit version and adding it to the 32-bit version of Mint and customized it,

it was hard at times to work out where everything went but we got there

in the end..

I needed a version for my 32bit IBM PC at the time so here it is,I thought you would like

it too. 

This works on a Piii too.

C64 and Amiga Emulation works in it.so no need to set it up.

Password for Live account is live123.,

You need this to install the OS to the hard drive and make admin changes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a key.txt file that comes up when you start Commodore OS so you know what key does what,the keys are made to work with the c64 keyrah interface.


The following are special key combinations allowing the manipulation of Windows and special effects using a c64 Keyrah keyboard or a windows keyboard:

Flip to Window Left = Commodore key(ALT) + SHIFT + LEFT(f1)

Flip to Window Right = Commodore key(ALT) + SHIFT + RIGHT(f3)

Rotate to Window Left = Commodore key(ALT) + SHIFT + f1

Rotate to Window Right = Commodore key(ALT) + SHIFT + f3

Toggle Workspace View = Commodore key(ALT) + TAB

Flip to Workspace Right = Commodore key(ALT) + CTRL + Right Cursor Key

Flip to Workspace Left = Commodore key(ALT) + CTRL + Left Cursor Key


Desktop Cube = Commodore key(ALT) + CTRL + Mouse


Desktop Zoom = SHIFT + Mouse wheel


Opacity = Commodore key(ALT) + Mouse wheel

Fire Effect Start = Commodore key(ALT) + SHIFT

Fire Effect End = Commodore key(ALT) + SHIFT + C (key)

Water Effect = Commodore key(ALT) + CTRL + Mouse position

Drawing On Screen = Commodore key(ALT) + SHIFT + Mouse

Clear Screen = Commodore key(ALT) + SHIFT + Mouse 2(or k)

You may view this list at any time from the menu:    

System ---> Commodore Extras ---> Display Keyboard Shortcuts.

This was made to work with the c64 keyrah(I have the old version,new one out now) you can find it in the Amiga stores

(New Version) http://www.vesalia.de/e_keyrahv2.htm (Old Version) http://icomp.de/products/keyrah_e.htm  




Extract the iso file to where you want it.This is split into 6 700MB files.

You need Winrar to extract the DVD image from the 6 rar files if you download it this way.

Option 1 

Downloads for Commodore OS Vision 32 bit v1.3 (Beta 8) Disc Base Install.

Parts 1 to 6 on Google Docs  (3.7 Gb). You need Winrar to unpack it and all 6 rar files in same folder,then click on the first rar file to start Winrar to unpack it to where you want it to be unpacked too.

Option 2

A BitTorrent client is required to download the DVD image.

Download Commodore OS 32 bit v 1.3 (Beta 8) Disc Base Install torrent file. (3.7 Gb) (,Please seed once downloaded to keep it alive for everyone.)

New link to DVD image added (27/11/2017) and mirror here,

There will be a disk image available for Virtualbox working on it at the moment so keep you posted here or on Facebook.


You can download the second disc of the 64 bit version and use it with this.

You can not update the os online at the moment, update coming...;)

64bit Downloads.

We thought we would share the old 64bit version too.

OS Type: Linux

Based on: Debian, Mint

Origin: USA

Architecture: x86_64

Desktop: GNOME

Category: Desktop, Live Medium

Status: Discontinued

Downloads are working now.


Download Commodore OS Vision 1.0 Beta 9 Disc 1 Base Install torrent file. (3.5 Gb)

Download Commodore OS Vision 1.0 Beta 9 Disc 2 Commodore Extras torrent file. (3.8 Gb)

You can not update the 64bit version .Sorry.

Some features will only be updated online if Commodore OS Extras (disc 2) has been installed.
While this is a 2 DVD disc distro, only disc one is required for the base install.

Update Release Notes

July 1st 2012: Commodore OS Vision Beta 9 (,64 bit version)

* Added the ability to restore the grub boot menu, from live mode after a Windows install:
System --> Commodore Extras --> Restore Text OS Boot Menu.
The latest disc 1 ISO (only) is required to access this functionality.
Please note that this version does not drop the graphical boot menu as a consequence.
The graphical boot menu can later be restored via:
System --> Commodore Extras --> Restore Graphical OS Boot Menu.

* Fixed Plymouth animated loading screen problems for most(but not all) graphics cards.
System --> Commodore Extras --> Install Graphics Driver.
This is the preferred method to download and install the latest nVidia graphics driver over the Proprietary Drivers applet.
If you have already installed via the Proprietary Drivers applet it may still fix loading screen problems.

* Added functionality to turn animated wallpaper on and off, enabled by selecting in the menu:
System --> Commodore Extras --> Play/Stop Animated Wallpaper.
Added "Animated Wallpaper" folder to user's home folder. User can add any video file/s to play continuously in the background. It looks fantastic with Window transparency. "/usr/share/commodoreos/video" can be used for globally shared videos, but the user's local folder takes precendence. Animated wallpaper can take around 30% of CPU utilisation. It works on some nVidia and some Intel graphics but rarely on AMD.
An excellent animated demoscene animation can also be downloaded as wallpaper. Please note that this in some cases this may result in a temporarily inaccessible system with hidden Windows and menus, so you may choose to end the animation at any time via the "Restore Desktop Graphics" icon.

* Tweaked Firefox css rendering to no longer follow the Commodore OS theme, resulting in a more standard page render.

* Tweaked user's CommodoreOS theme for Gedit to be more C64 like. The is now the default in the new ISO which is also configured to display line numbers. It now looks very reminiscent to a classic C64 BASIC listing.

* Added more classic retro freeware games. There are remakes of quite a few Amiga and C64 favourites, including Stuntcar Racer, Green Beret and Turrican.

* Fixed Commodore OS official wallpapers. (I bet you didn't notice the problem ;-))

* Added C64 ROMs and AROS ROMs for Amiga emulation (The ROMs are not 100% compatibile but are close). The C64 and AMIGA emulation are now launched full screen. If clicking on a C64 game does not work you may need to tweak your emulator settings to enable either full screen or windowed playback. The C64 settings can be modified via:
Applications --> Emulators --> Commodore 64
Optimum settings for your particular hardware may vary but we use the following settings:
VIC-II settings --> Fullscreen settings --> XRandR Resolutions --> 800x600
VIC-II settings --> Double size
VIC-II settings --> Double scan

* Added classic CBM games.

* Added global associations for emulator image types.

* Added the ability to download and install a new version of the linux kernel. This script can be initiated by typing "kernel" from the terminal or from:
System --> Commodore Extras --> Change Kernel.

This interactive "kernel" script allows a user to select a new kernel version from a menu list of kernels. DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU FEEL YOU MUST!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! This may resolve some hardware compatibility problems but it may also cause operating system and software instability. It is recommended that you begin with the lower kernel versions and work your way up checking if your particular problem is resolved. START FROM THE LOWEST VERSION. Graphics and keyboard/mouse entry may freeze on higher kernels.

The grub text menu is re-initiated so you can select kernels to test. The kernel script also allows you to initiate a PURGE of all but the currently running kernel, removing their entries from the Grub menu. This sometimes may not work on the initial try. When you are happy with your kernel choice and all others kernels are purged from the boot menu, you can manually restore the graphical boot menu by:
System --> Commodore Extras --> Restore Graphical Boot Menu.

If you are currently experiencing difficulties with Commodore OS booting, (ie. you are getting to a text console only) updating the kernel ***MIGHT*** fix the problem. If you are stuck in text mode and need to update from Beta 6 to get this script, run the command:
sudo /usr/share/commodoreos/scripts/update_commodoreos_ui

* Auto installed libc6. (Required to install higher kernels)

* Changed image viewer from eog to geeqie which is much faster and incorporates better navigation. The image associations have also been modified.

* Added lzh/lha archiver popular in the Amiga era. (command line only)

* Added an assortment of the best C64 and A500 demos. These are accessible by machine from the Commodore icon on the dock or from the Classic Software folder link in each user's home menu.

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